Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Sample Code for Pluralsight Course "Improving Website Performance with Google PageSpeed Insights"

My latest Pluralsight course is in its final stages of review and should be published within the next week or so.  To support the course and make sure that everyone can follow along as I analyze and make improvements to the sample website used in the course, I am making the code for that sample website available here.

Download Source Code Here

Inside of the zip file, you will find two sub directories.

  • FoodForTechiesSlow - This is the "initial" state of the code when the analysis is done in module 2.  Therefore, this code has all of the poor performance practices present.  The PageSpeed score for this version should be around 29 or so.
  • FoodForTechiesOptimized - This is the final state of the code at the end of module 8 after the recommendations covered in the course are addressed.  This version of the home page should result in a PageSpeed score of around 99.
I say around, because there may be instances where an IIS server already has compression turned on, a file gets cached, etc.  But this gives you some general guidelines for where things start and end up at.

As I say in the course, this is by no means a fully functional website.  Really, it is only the first page that works, but the intent of this code is to demonstrate how to identify and fix web performance issues, and it is sufficient for that.

You will notice that one image in the download is different than what appears in the video.  This is the chef image used for the Articles section.  For the image used in the video, the license I purchased allows me to use the image, but not redistribute it.  So in the download, I found a public domain image on and substituted it in the download.  This is intentional and doesn't change the analysis.  The image still needs to be optimized.

As for the other images, they are from public domain sources or if attribution is required, I have done so in the readme file in the zip file.  I believe I have got all of these correct.  If you find an image that you are the owner of and I haven't got the licensing correct, let me know so I can get things straightened out.

If you enjoy the course, I would appreciate if you would tweet about it or otherwise let others know about it.  And thank you for watching.

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